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代表 峯岸道子 


Profile of Michiko Minegishi,the representative of Handicap Yoga Japan


1984年 アメリカのフィットネスエクササイズを日本に導入した第一人者。


1992年 横浜市障がい者スポーツセンター 「ラポール」の建設準備等の経験を持つ。

2000年より、ヨガに転向、2003年横浜市にヨガスタジオ Body&Mind Yoga主宰、現在に至る。ヨガレッスンを行うことと並行して、精神障がい者の社会復帰プログラムとしてヨガの指導と研究を行う。
高齢者や身体に制限を持つ人に無理なく行える椅子を使ったヨガ、自身で考案した補助具を使ったヨガを提供するようになる。障害を持つこどもを育てた経験、解剖学や運動生理学も盛り込んだ目線で、2007年 身体障がい者、知的障がい者へのヨガ提供のため、「ハンディキャップヨガ・サークル」を設立。以降、指導者の養成と障がいのある人が普通にヨガスタジオに通うことができる環境を夢みている。自身もペースメーカーを入れており障がい者手帳を持つ。




Profile of Michiko Mingeishi, the representative of Handicap Yoga Japan 

She was an athlete during her school days and she is an exercise lover. She is the leading expert who introduced American fitness exercises in 1984. She is also qualified as a personal sports trainer, mental care specialist, sports instructor for handicapped people, relaxation instructor, etc. At around 1992 she engaged in the preparation for the construction project of the Yokohama Rapport, the Yokohama city’s Sports and Culture Center for the handicapped.  

In 2000, she shifted her focus from fitness exercises to yoga and in 2003 she established her yoga studio “Body & Mind Yoga” in Yokohama City, and she continues to this day to be a leader in this field. While giving yoga lessons, she engaged in teaching yoga as well as yoga research as one of rehabilitative programs of mentally-disabled persons. She started providing special yoga lessons using chairs so that the elderly and physically restricted people can practice comfortably or other yoga lessons using aids which are her own inventions.

From her unique perspective cultivated by her own experience to raise a handicapped child and her anatomical and exercise physiological knowledge, she established the “Handicap Yoga Circle” to provide access to yoga for physically handicapped and mentally-disabled persons in 2009. Since then, she has been dedicated herself to training leaders and she dreams about providing an environment in which handicapped persons can come to Yoga studio in a normal way. She also had a pacemaker implantation surgery and she is the holder of the identification booklet for the physically disabled. 


First, I would like to take off my hat as I was struck by the players’ power and strength of mind to compete in such harsh races in spite of unstable body trunk and some unusable muscles.

So far, we have opportunities to meet many people with handicaps and in every occasion, we have learnt a lot of things from people whose individual state of body and soul are all different each other. 


In such occasions, we often encountered cases where we had to consider not only how to teach techniques but also how to give our full attention, how to perceive yoga, and further, sometimes we had to reconsider the essence of yoga training.

Based on actual experiences we have accumulated through such opportunities, we, the handicap yoga instructors, strongly hope to contribute to helping many more athletes in the future.

We are truly happy that the wisdom and devices of mine as well as combined wisdom and devices cultivated through the effort of everyone involved in handicap yoga can benefit to enhance bodies and souls of the players for the preparation of the 2020 Paralympics Games.